2. Heavy-lift and Oversize Movements

Land services for our clients in the mining industry also include modular movements, heavy Lift moves and express delivery services in the most remote sites.

By Sea

Our company is familiarized with global heavy-lift resources, carriers and specialist brokers, marine superintendents and local port and coastal authorities. Many heavy-lift items and oversized pieces are destined for remote worksites, with geographic or physical limitations. Therefore, there is often a need for detailed planning and consulting at design stage. We have extensive experienced team in heavy-lift management.

By Air

We are also studding and negotiating to add air logistic transport services, whereby we'll be able to transport heavy and oversized goods by air a very complex operation, requiring specialist knowledge and resources. We are working closely with major international carriers and is familiar with the resources and technologies required to make the transport of heavy and oversized air cargo a safe and efficient option.

By Land

Land movement of oversized or heavy items can be one of the most challenging areas of logistics. Therefore, Chimachi technical superintendents are creating detailed plans for axle deployment, slings and pivots and research the route thoroughly in order to ensure the safety of the cargo. Barges may be used on inland waterways and, in some countries; rail is also a possible transport method for heavy items.

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